Al Fouad packaging vise toujours à livrer une haute qualité de conception et d’impression à ses clients ! Nous offrons également de nouvelles formes personnalisées selon votre demande, car nous réalisons vos rêves avec joie!



There are many different finishes that can be added to the product to help you to differentiate & involve your target customers, we offer a wide range of inks & decorative coatings printed with state of the art printing technology, The gloss finish gives the artwork a much more striking look & with the matt, it has a look of high-class, a sophisticated feel.


We ensure that our packaging ideas designs, products definitely will differentiate & will impress your customers.


One of the most influential Factors that encourage clients to product is the touch sense. Touch generates a sense of control. Consumers are more likely to buy something if they handle the product first ((WOW factor)) with our embossing mold production technology it is possible to add 3D effect to make your product unique & linkable.

New Shapes

Customized new shapes available per your request.

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