À Propos De Nous

Qui nous sommes?

Établie en 1996, Al Fouad Packaging est parmi les pionniers de l’industrie et de la fabrication de packaging en métal en Égypte et le Moyen-Orient. Nous concevons et produisons de différentes formes et tailles d’emballages en fer blanc pour de multiple usages (produits alimentaires, confiserie, produits de beauté, ustensiles de bureau, usages domestiques, emballages conçus pour l’industrie des textiles, produits promotionnels, emballage du tabac, etc.)

Notre vision

Offrir la meilleure qualité dans le domaine, être le premier choix de nos clients à l’international à tous les niveaux (qualité, conceptions, diversité et prix)

Notre mission :

Nos objectifs sont ambitieux, et c’est pour cela que nous visons à pourvoir à nos clients des emballages en fer blanc de meilleures qualités et d’une conception unique pour servir leurs besoins à des prix abordables.

Pourquoi choisir les emballages en fer blanc ?


As a manufacturer of metal tins, the strict quality policy is an essential part of our corporate strategy. Therefore we focus on the standards that our customers must comply with and prove. We continuously optimize systems, processes, and production to ensure the highest product quality in the future too.


Efficiency pays off: Our technical support has already been helpful to many companies, having been able to make filling their metal packaging substantially more efficient. As a skilled consultant, we advise and support you in all questions relating to production line concepts and engineering, as well as during the modification of existing or the evaluation of new filling machines or procedures.


Alfouad for trading & industry process system , we are proud of the work we do and the systems and components we supply to our customers , we take steps to build at the highest standards through proper design and diligent quality control , our guarantee , no mater how big or small the project , al fouad for trading & industry will devote the time & resources required to ensure we have exceded your expectations .


ISO 22000/2018

Food safety management systems, all our products food or not, we are proud to be the only ISO 22000/2018 certified company in decorative metal boxes in Egypt and the middle east.

ISO 45001/2018

Occupational health & safety management, We are proud to provide safe & healthy workplaces by preventing & safe social rights.

ISO 14001/2015

Environmental management systems, our environmental responsibility, we achieved ISO 14001/2015 to improve our environmental performance through more efficient use of resources & reduction of waste, gaining trust.

ISO 9001/2015

Quality management systems, to keep our customer's satisfaction. we maintain management system continuous improvement.

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