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Al Fouad whole packaging services 

Al fouad Packaging provides you with not just tin cans but also the printed cardboard wraps , glass bowels ,pottery bowls ,boxes , and cartons ! we also provide you with everything that goes INSIDE the box as well ; from the dividers ,foam filling and thermoformed trays! You can also provide us with you own PVC boxes and we we'll do the rest ! 


Innovative and creative high-quality designs that will guarantee your customers admiration and impress them by all means .


There are many different finishes that can be added to the product to help you to differentiate & involve your target customers, we offer a wide range of inks & decorative coatings printed with state of the art printing technology, The gloss finish gives the artwork a much more striking look & wit the matt, it has a look of high-class, a sophisticated feel.


It's no wonder that one of the most influential factors that encourage clients to purchase a certain product is the sensory touch ; that's why we work on our embossing and 3D designs and effects with such a passion that will impress consumers and direct them to immediate purchases ! 
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New Shapes

Alfouad Packaging aims to deliver our customers the best quality in both design and printing! we also provide new customized shapes upon request , we'll happily craft your dreams !   

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